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When you think of McCracken's products don't just think of the natural fertilizers that you're getting for your crops, but the soil conditioners too. A number of other trace elements that feed and hold more moisture (longer), while slowing soil erosion.


Higher yields and making water go further = more bang for your buck. Ask us which of these products would be the best for your soil and your budget. McCracken will tell you, "Get a load of this!".

Our compost is 100% composted feedlot manure. The only other component added is lagoon water. The use of lagoon water is not only a practice in water conservation, but also adds additional  nutrients since there is manure in the lagoons at the feedlots. We keep a close eye on our compost during the process to ensure that nothing leaves one of our compost yards without being 100% ready. Using compost is an excellent way to get the advantages of manure plus many added benefits, in locations where there is no manure. Besides giving you naturally slow releasing nitrogen, Phosphate, and Pottasium, which are all in organic form and therefore offer an extremely high nutrient retention rate, compost also offers compost offers millions of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which are extremely beneficial for your soil. Not to mention you get a wide range of micro-nutrients including Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, and many more as well as plenty of organic matter.  We are committed to not only bringing this excellent product and wonderful service to new customers, but also making lifelong believers out of every farmer we serve.
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Manure has long been recognized in the agricultural community as an effective fertilizer as well as the most cost effective way to get a number of other nutrients that your soil needs. At McCracken Farm Services, we pay great attention to detail when we are spreading a field. Our manure spreaders are equipped with GPS navigation and flotation tires to minimize compaction. You can  rest assured that McCracken’s 50 plus years of expertise will leave you with a job well done, and a job that we can be proud of. 
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When harvest rolls around and you find yourself in need of somebody to chop your silage, keep in mind that we also have choppers. In addition to that, we have pack tractors and some of the best pack tractor operators around. Just like everything else we do; we take pride in giving you the absolute best service possible when it comes to taking care of your silage work. Feel free to give us a call for any of your silage needs, including wheatlage.
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